26/09/2022 - 16:06

Awarding 200 regenerated bicycles to poor students overcoming difficulties

TTH.VN - On the morning of September 25, Thua Thien Hue Provincial Youth Activity Center collaborated with Volunteer for Community Association to hold the program of awarding “200 regenerated bicycles” in 2022.

Representative of the program awarding bicycles to students

The program is a part of the project “3.000 regenerated bicycles” implemented nationwide by the Volunteer for Community Association. From the collected old bicycles, the volunteers repair and recycle usable parts to “reborn” the cost-saving bicycles, helping to reduce waste to the environment.

In Thua Thien Hue, after a time of operation, the Provincial Youth Activity Center has received 2.000 applications from students from primary schools and secondary schools in the provincial area. Those bicycles will soon be delivered to the disadvantaged students, helping them to shorten the journey to school.

Representative of the project shared that the community’s members joined their hands to carry out the project with their only state of mind to help students from suburban areas come to school in the most convenient and easiest way. Their journey to school will be shortened with the new bicycles bearing full of love messages.

By Minh Nguyen

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