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Bustling National Independence Day tour

TTH.VN - The National Day Holiday is the last exciting time of the domestic tourism season this year. This is also the time to mark the start of international tours.

Festivals are the highlight attracting tourists in the past time

The international tour is crowned

Recorded at many travel businesses, during the National Day holiday on September 2, domestic tours continue to be selected by tourists. Because the Hue - Phu Quoc route has been suspended, tours to Phu Quoc during the upcoming holiday are less selected as the tour price increases by about 20% compared to before. In contrast, Da Lat and markets like Hoi An, Da Nang, and Quang Binh with a 3-day 2-night tour schedule are more selected.

In addition to domestic tours, this year's National Day celebrates the return of international tours. At many companies, many new international tours have been built and launched to the market, with prices considered to be quite reasonable in the context that the tourism industry continues to recover. The positive signal is that many tourists have chosen the tour.

Doing procedures to travel to Thailand at Vietravel Company - Hue branch, Ms. Hoang Khanh Trang and her husband, residing in Hue city, shared that the whole family took advantage of the remaining summer holidays for their children to go out for the last time before the school year. Seeing that the tour price was quite reasonable compared to the budget that the family had previously planned, after being consulted about the National Day tour, the couple decided to go to Thailand.

According to the analysis of the Provincial Travel Association, this year's National Day holiday lasts 4 days, plus some locations in the country are forecasted to have unfavorable weather, so travelers focus more on exploiting international tours.

The European tours are still less common because the tour time is quite long, and there are still some problems with visa and entry procedures due to the new passport policy.

Therefore, tourist routes in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia are the first choices of tourists; further, Korean is chosen in East Asia.

Unicorn Festival 2022 to be held at Ngo Mon Square

Although it is an international tour, the price of the tour is considered quite reasonable compared to the budget. Some international tours have the same or cheaper prices than domestic tours, so customers choose to travel abroad. Even with tours to Thailand, prices are cheaper than those for going to Phu Quoc. Tour prices to Thailand at a number of companies such as Vietravel, Dai Bang Tourism Joint Stock Company, and Green Viet Travel Co., Ltd, etc., range from 6.5 to 7.79 million VND, depending on the number of days of the tour; The tour to Singapore costs 11 - 12.5 million VND; The tour to Korea costs from 16.99 to 23.99 million VND.

The tour departure time focuses on August 31, September 1 and September 2 and all tours will depart to pick up guests in Hue, then move to Da Nang to fly to other countries.

Not only exploiting tours on the occasion of September 2, according to Mr. Do Ngoc Co, Chairman of the Provincial Travel Association, this is also the time to mark the return of international tours. Because of many objective and subjective factors that, now, travel companies have deployed to sell products to customers. There is the birth of tours, which is the process of surveying, contacting, and working with international partners to have reasonable and competitive prices.

Many highlight points to serve the customers

According to major travel companies in the country, this year's National Day, Hue is one of the selected destinations. Most companies build a private tour to Hue and a combined tour to the Central region. For example, TST Tourist tour company built a tour to Thua Thien Hue (3 days) to admire the brilliant autumn colors at Ru Cha mangrove forest; Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An tour (5 days) with many high-class services on resort, and cultural experience, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Director of the Department of Tourism, said that although it may not be as popular as it was during the holidays of April 30 and May 1 and the Hue Festival Week 2022, the tourism industry has prepared scenarios to welcome guests this year's National Day holiday.

Branded products based on Hue culture as the main foundation will be focused to serve customers. In addition to other services that continue to be upgraded, destinations associated with nature to enjoy the autumn of the ancient capital, such as Ru Cha, the beaches, and destinations in A Luoi are also the choices for tourists.

“Especially on this occasion, there will be two festivals in autumn. The 7th Thanh Tra Thuy Bieu Festival will take place from September 1 to 4. On this occasion, Hue city also cooperates with travel agencies, garden owners, and ruong houses to organize community and ecological tours in Thuy Bieu. Taking place in the last two days of the holiday, from September 3 to 4 (on the 8th and 9th days of the lunar calendar) is the Hue Unicorn Festival 2022. In addition to being a cultural and sports activity, it contributes to maintaining, preserving, and developing Vietnamese street folk dance art. The festival is also a unique gift that Hue tourism industry offers to locals and tourists visiting Hue on the occasion of National Day, ” Mr. Phuc said.

Entertainment destinations, and resorts, on the occasion of National Day are expected to attract tourists. Local guests continue to choose destinations such as Bach Ma Village, Yes Hue Eco, resorts such as Laguna Lang Co, Alba Thanh Tan, etc. It is recorded that at the hotels in Hue city center during 4 holidays, the occupancy rate is 70-80%, not including the number of direct and unexpected bookings.

The leader of the Department of Tourism said that this is the peak time to welcome domestic tourists before entering the international tourist season. The tourism industry has been coordinating with relevant agencies to continue deploying personels and inspecting the spots to ensure the tourist environment, controlling the situation of swindling customers and rip-off of a number of services, to keep a friendly and hospitable image for Ancient Capital tourism.

Story and photos: Duc Quang

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