19/02/2019 - 20:15

Hue City held a poetry Night themed “Frontier flowers”

TTH.VN - On the evening of February 18th, in the atmosphere of the 17th Vietnam’s Poetry Day, the provincial Union of Literature and Arts Associations and the Writers Association held the poetry Night with the theme “Frontier Flowers” at Kèn (wind brass) House in Feb. 3 Park on the occasion of the First Full Moon of Kỷ Hợi Lunar year - 2019.

Artist Ý Nhi is reciting the poem “Nguyên Tiêu” by Uncle Hồ

In this year poetry Night, the audience listened to the old poems that went into the hearts of Vietnamese people. It was the poem of “Nguyên Tiêu” (Night of the First Full Moon) reminding of the beloved Uncle Hồ in Nguyên Tiêu night of Mậu Tý Lunar Year (the Year of Rat) 1948 in Việt Bắc war zone in the joy of victory overflowing the country. It was also an excerpt of “Việt Bắc” poem by poet Tố Hữu, an eminent person originated from Huế. In addition, the audience also enjoyed the “Đời biển” (Sea Life) by poet Nguyễn Thiền Nghi, “Cầu Xuân” (Spring wishes) by poet Nguyễn Nguyên An, “Thiếu nữ” (Girl) by poet Đỗ Văn Khoái…

Poet Lê Vĩnh Thái, Chairman of the Provincial Writers Association shared that “taking the themed ‘Frontier Flowers’, the event is a meaningful message about the frontier and the homeland to raise the awareness of protecting the national sovereignty and the solidarity of the whole nation. From ancient times up to present, poetry has always been accompanying the people on the journey to build and protect the sacred Fatherland. The frontiers and the islands, for many artists, are always the source of endless inspiration for poetry composing. Poems about the Fatherland frontier today is not only the voices of poets; it has become a common feeling in the hearts of millions of Vietnamese as well”.

Story, photo: Trang Hiền

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