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Hundreds of people joining the program "Lighting up the lights on moonlit night" 

TTH.VN - On the evening of September 9, the Organizing Committee of Hue Royal Citadel Night Street, the Center for Conservation of Hue Monuments, and Hue Royal Traditional Art Theater organized the program "Lighting up the lights on moonlit night".

The "Lighting up the lights on moonlit night" program starting with the changing of the guard ceremony at Noon Gate - Ngu Phung Pavilion

This is a combined performing arts program, associated with the traditional ritual at Mid-Autumn Festival night, with music and dance performances from Hue Royal Traditional Art Theater, and Hue Academy of Music.

After the changing of the guard ceremony at Noon Gate - Ngu Phung Pavilion, the procession moved to the Tay Khuyet Dai stage, which was the venue of the main performances and the lighting ceremony, as well as the Mid-Autumn lantern procession. Afterwards, the program continued with the procession of unicorns, lanterns, music, and the groups of changing guards towards the Noon Gate. The procession was participated by 22 children wearing the dong au clothes (the costumes of ancient children in the Royal Palace), and ten young girls wearing the traditional ao dai, along with Mid-Autumn lanterns.

The large-scale performance was held on the stages stretching from the Noon Gate, the 23/8 Street, Le Huan Street, the Tay Khuyet Dai stage, to the Chuong Duc Gate. The program attracted hundreds of locals and visitors, which was also broadcasted live on social network.

Ms. Hoang Thuy and her family, visitors from Hanoi, shared that they were very happy to watch such a meaningful re-enactment of the traditional Mid-Autumn. From the afternoon, her family had canceled their culinary experience as they got the information about the Night Street via social network, so that their children could experience the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival in Hue.

According to the Organizing Committee, more than 700 lights were lit, symbolizing over 700 years of Thuan Hoa - Phu Xuan - Hue. The program is the continuing part of a series of art activities at the Night Street by the People's Committee of Hue City; combined with art programs so as to set up a periodic series of art activities for September at the Royal Citadel Night Street.

The following are some photos recorded by Thua Thien Hue Online:

The procession moving in the middle of locals and visitors

A lot of people filming and broadcasting the changing of the guard ceremony live on social network

Hundreds of people following the procession towards Le Huan Street

Children in dong au clothes carrying Mid-Autumn lanterns

The procession also including artists, actors and actress

The lights were placed everywhere, from Ngoai Kim Thuy Lake Bridge to Chuong Duc Gate

700 lights representing more than 700 years of Thuan Hoa - Phu Xuan - Hue

A flood of people joining the program "Lighting up the lights on moonlit  night"

The locals and visitors enjoyably "checking-in" the space filled with Mid-Autumn colors

The joy of a child when lighting the light

Actors interacting with the locals

By Giang-Thang-Hoang

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