13/03/2021 - 16:30

Improving tourism presentation skills to serve visitors at Bach Ma

TTH.VN - Tourism presentation, meeting the needs of domestic and foreign visitors, is an activity focused by Bach Ma National Park.

Introducing tour at the top of Mount Bach Ma

For the first time, a training course, aimed at improving the quantity and quality of tourism presenters to serve visitors, and the effectiveness of environmental education and nature conservation, as well as biodiversity conservation, had been organized by Bach Ma National Park. The training course was finished on late afternoon of March 11.

The trainees were officials and staffs of Bach Ma National Park, who were trained to improve their skills in presenting to visitors about the functions, duties, the natural conditions, socio-economic conditions, and the biodiversity levels of the national park.

At the tourist destination at the top of Mount Bach Ma, the presenters were introduced adequately about tourist routes, such as Hai Vong Dai (the Observatory), Ngu Ho (the Five Lakes) , and Do Quyen (Rhododendron simsii), etc. At each tourist route, the presenters would introduce  its characteristics to the visitors; thus, they can help visitors feel the closeness to the nature, and being the nature explorers.

The presenters is responsible for reminding visitors to keep the general hygiene, to throw trash at the right place, not to pick flowers or break tree branches, and not to violate the forestry laws; letting the visitors know about the high, dangerous waterfalls, and slippery roads, etc., so as to ensure their safety. The presenters also had the opportunities to participate in first aid training in case accidents occur, ensuring the safety of the visitors.

Story and photo: Trieu Ninh

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