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Infrastructure investment, urban connection

TTH.VN - Infrastructure plays a crucial role and acts as the basis for the development and formation of new urban areas (NUAs). NUAs are gradually invested in construction, synchronized in terms of technical and social infrastructure, thereby attracting a lot of domestic and foreign investment capital.

Complete traffic network creates spaciousness for the city

Projects kicked off

The Provincial Management Board of Urban Development Area (PMBUDA) manages An Van Duong New Urban Area and surrounding areas with a total area of about 2,200 ha; until now a total of about 90 projects have been being implemented. The strategy of infrastructure development, especially transport system, step by step perfected in terms of technical infrastructure has set the stage for attracting investors and promoting the socio-economic development in the area.

After a period of construction suspension, until now, the project of the bridge across Loi Nong River connecting from 26m road, An Dong residential area to 100m road, area A of An Van Duong NUA has resumed construction. To date, Loi Nong Bridge has been basically completed in terms of the rough part of the bridge item and rock embankment item; the road section at both ends of the bridge has not been built yet…

Earlier, in order to promote investment efficiency, the Provincial People's Council decided to approve the policy of project adjustment. Specifically, it adjusted the bridge item from stage-by-stage investment to complete investment (adjusting from 10m bridge cross section to 24m bridge cross section).

The road item with a 24m cross section on the side of Zone A, An Van Duong NUA shifted from stage-by-stage investment to the complete investment of 24m... The increase of investment level in the project of bridge across the Loi Nong River aimed to conform to the plan and ensure urban aesthetics.

Recently, at the meeting to check the construction progress of this project, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Hoang Hai Minh requested the investor and the construction unit to concentrate their forces on definitively finalizing the site clearance, accelerate construction progress; organize traffic route distribution to serve construction and convenient movement of the people around.

The contractor must announce the specific progress of the work for people to monitor, launch the specific progress plan and dispose direct supervisors at the construction site to report the progress weekly and monthly to the provincial leaders.

In 2021 and early 2022, many bidding packages under the project Program for Developing Grade II Cities (green cities) - Thua Thien Hue subproject with investment capital of hundreds of billions of VND - were also ongoing.

According to Mr. Vo Van Viet, Director of the Project Management Board, the bidding package 28 to upgrade and expand Vy Da Bridge, to build 100m road connecting area A and B of An Van Duong NUA has the contract value of nearly 110 billion VND. The complete package not only serves the traffic route of people on Pham Van Dong - National Highway 49A axis but also connects the traffic infrastructure in NUAs, the driving force behind the economic development in the area.

The bidding package 39 to elevate the foundation of To Huu and Vo Nguyen Giap routes has the contract value of more than 92 billion VND. Currently, the construction contractor is relocating the transformer station and constructing the extension part with crushed stone. To Huu and Vo Nguyen Giap routes are the two vital axes of An Van Duong NUA.

Currently, all the provincial agencies are moving to the public administration center area. The elevation of the road surface is to ensure flood drainage and ensure the operation of the entire administrative apparatus. To Huu Street in the long run is also the main axis connecting to Phu Bai Airport," said Mr. Viet.

Investment attraction created

Mr. Huynh Minh Khang, Director of PMBUDA, affirmed that the unit is enlisting the support of ministries and sectors towards investment in ring routes and key traffic routes connecting between An Van Duong NUA with Hue City, Thuan An, Phu Bai Airport... as the driving force behind the socio-economic development, in many proper investment forms, including strengthening the form of public-private partnership (PPP).

The unit counseled the Provincial People's Committee in terms of the focus on infrastructure development investment, the core of which is technical infrastructure, and the key of which is essential social infrastructure.

Specifically, the urban development programs and urban development plans for each period were drawn up; a list of medium-term public investment projects in 2021-2025 in An Van Duong NUA was made. A list of projects calling for investment, with focus on investment in social infrastructure in addition to technical infrastructure (requiring investors to synchronously invest in technical and social infrastructure of the project, especially with special focus on health, education and culture infrastructure) was compiled.

In order to provide a healthy and favorable living environment for people in the NUA, the PMBUDA also proposes tightening the management of investment in social infrastructure works as committed. Concurrently, the investors are required to construct the works in parallel with the commercial housing works; housing business is only allowed when social infrastructure works have been finalized.

Mr. Huynh Minh Khang said that over the past time, the Provincial People's Committee has devoted considerable attention to the socio-economic development and mobilized investment resources to build technical and social infrastructure works, contributing to the development of urban areas. In order to pave the way for investment attraction, the PMBUDA regularly reviews and makes new plans. Simultaneously, it mobilizes and effectively uses resources to invest in the construction of infrastructure works, contributing to the urban development.

The urban infrastructure was invested, upgraded, newly built and maintained to create an urban appearance. The central area of projects has prospered, and the urban infrastructure system has been markedly bettered.

The investment in construction and renovation was made for the urban technical and social infrastructure works such as traffic, water supply, drainage, lighting, green trees, solid waste collection and treatment and socialization projects. The investment in building electrical lighting systems was also made for the urban-level main routes. Many projects and works in the fields of education, health, culture, physical training and sports were incorporated into the list of projects calling for investment in 2020-2025.

Story: Ha Nguyen. Photo: Nguyen Phong

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