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04/12/2022 - 07:19

Bringing Ao Dai to international fashion life

The designer Quang Hoa has collaborated with the designer Maria Elena di Terlizzi from Italy to design 60 contemporary Ao dai which are both traditional and modern for a show in Rome next year.

Ao dai designs of the designer Quang Hoa are shown

Before being introduced in Rome, the contemporary designs inspired by Vietnamese heritage will be shown to spectators in Hanoi. 20 out of the 60 designs, which have just been released at the end of October, excited many viewers. With these designs, the traditional Ao dai is not only classic and tasteful in keeping the soul of the Ao dai, but is also dynamic and modern.

The collaboration between the Italian designer and the Vietnamese representative from Hue is part of the project "Ao Dai Heritage - Culture of Love" by Golden Heritage Group and the Italian Embassy in Hanoi, the Embassy of Vietnam in Rome (Italy) and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

“As a son of Hue, the origin of the Ao dai Vietnam, I hope this project will not only connect but also spread our traditional Ao dai to the international community, specifically Italy - which is known as the fashion capital of the world," said Ao dai designer Quang Hoa.

In this project, both designers will apply fashion technology and combine materials with three specific criteria for development and production. First of all is the traditional value, according to the standard of the five-panel Ao dai, the ceremonial dress and the national dress. Next is bringing a breath of life-like materials and colors according to contemporary trends. And finally, it is the fashion criterion in which designs must be created based on the form and shape of the wearer.

Quang Hoa will participate in designing 15/60 Ao dai of three lines of Ao dai: ceremonial Ao dai, casual Ao dai and contemporary Ao dai. The remaining 45 designs by Maria Elena Di Terlizzi are inspired by the sunset at Sword Lake, Hue Citadel, the Ao dai of the Nguyen Dynasty queens, and the purple sunset on the Huong River...

“I’m glad that Maria Elena Di Terlizzi and I share the same perception of beauty as creators and as art lovers. We both have a hobby of creating handmade decorations with patterns and textures," said Hoa excitedly.

It is expected that, after the show in Vietnam, all the designs will be shown in Rome and other famous heritage cities around the world.

The representative of the organizing committee said that the project "Ao Dai Heritage - Culture of Love" is a cultural exchange between Vietnam and Italy based on the core values and outstanding advantages of each country. On the one hand, it is to bring the heritage of Ao dai Vietnam into the international fashion life, and on the other hand, to bring the international technological quintessence of Italy into the traditional Ao dai Vietnam. From there, new values are formed based on national values and the strength of the times.

The reason the project's theme is "love" is because love is understood as "understanding, sharing and creating solutions". Love has been the moral compass guiding the lives of Vietnamese people for centuries. Love is not only for Vietnamese people, but a gift of life that should be given to all creatures in this world. Through the bridge connecting the two countries Vietnam - Italy, the organizers want the project to share the true meaning of "love".

Sharing about this meaningful project, H.E. Antonio Alessandro - Italian Ambassador to Vietnam affirmed that the Italian Embassy in Vietnam always wants to accompany and support cultural creative efforts to bring about cultural exchange between Vietnam and Italy, especially such projects: "Ao Dai Heritage - Culture of Love".

“Ao dai is a symbol and identity of the Vietnamese people, which is relatively popular in some parts of the world. I am very proud to be a part of supporting the promotion of a typical symbol of Vietnam to the world”, Ambassador H.E. Antonio Alessandro emphasized.

Story: Nhat Minh

Photos: Supplied by the character