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13/03/2023 - 15:50

“Burning” with the night of rockshow “Escaping from flood”

Being exciting and vibrant, on the evening of March 12, more than 300 spectators burned with rockshow entitled “Escaping from flood” organized by the Faculty of Architecture, University of Science, Hue University.

The music show attracting the audience with catchy melodies and vibrant sounds

With the presence of 7 bands including Guitar Club of the University of Sciences, Black Thunders, Two Thousand, Nokar, Napalm, Bug Splat and Free Birds, the program brought more than 30 attractive and powerful performances with rock style.

The audiences of the show have experienced a lot of emotions with variety of songs being performed such as Long Trips, L.O.V.E, She's hate Me, Smell Like Teen Spirit, Enter Sandman...

As the first rock music program organized by the Faculty of Architecture, “Escaping from flood” show not only became a very “burning” music night for students in particular and Rock music fans in general but also showed the youth and the desire to conquer things of young people. All profits from the music night would be spent on volunteer activities.