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23/03/2018 - 08:10

"Colors" of art at Hue Festival

Coming to Hue Festival 2018, visitors will be immersed in exciting contemporary performances by a unique combination of international and Vietnamese art troupes and artists.

Young violinist Hoang Rob will return for a second time to Hue Festival

Excitement in An Dinh Palace

At the moment, 22 international art troupes from 19 countries have confirmed that they will be performing for the public at the 10th Hue Festival, stated the Organizing Committee of Hue Festival 2018. Amongst these art troupes, there are many bands specializing in contemporary music, such as rock, beatbox, acapella, etc.

Contemporary art troupes coming to Hue are very well-known bands, who have not only gained fame in their own countries but have also received high awards around the world, Mr. Huynh Tien Dat, Deputy Director of Hue Festival Center, Standing Vice Chairman of Hue Festival 2018 Organizing Committee confirmed.

Rock bands, beatboxing bands, etc. will gather in An Dinh Palace for four consecutive nights, from April 28 to May 1. This will be a bustling space for young people who love the exhilarating lights and sounds. First of all, it should be noted that two leading bands in France, Lysistrata and Berywam, will be present at this year’s festival, Mr. Dang Dinh Hai, Head of the Arts Department, Hue Festival Center revealed.

Lysistrata is a rock band, the winner of the FAIR competition (rock genre) in 2017. They have made their mark through music events and through touring around Europe. The group's latest album titled "The Thread" is said to be like a beast in which the enticing rock songs draw in listeners. Lysistrata will surely bring electrifying rock nights for the young people in the festive atmosphere of Hue Festival 2018.

Berywam is known for beatboxing, a genre that is popular with young people today. Like Lysistrata, Berywam has won prizes for beatboxing, including first prize in beatboxing in France in 2016. Berywam is also France’s representative in the international beatboxing competition in 2018. The two bands have two different styles, but they both aim towards creating excitement, promising to stir up the atmosphere in Hue City in the upcoming festival days.

In addition to foreign bands are two famous groups and artists in Vietnam today: the band Duong Chan Troi and the return of Hoang Rob & GEN9.

According to the Organizing Committee of Festival Hue 2018, at this festival, Hoang Rob will recreate the project bearing his personal mark which has resonated before: the "Breaking Dawn Live Concert," which is composed of songs describing the beauty and sophistication of modern urban life through the lens of contemporary music space and pop art.

In addition, traditional Vietnamese classical music will also be performed by young violinists on experimental electronic music. Especially on the night of April 29, Hoang Rob will combine performances with diva Tran Thu Ha and famous singer Thanh Lam.

The Belgian stilts art troupe will be returning for their fourth time to Hue Festival


Art troupes participating in the festival are high-quality delegates that will satisfy the public’s increasingly diverse taste in art, according to the Organizing Committee of Hue Festival 2018.

The singer, composer and percussion musician Noa from Israel is a testament, said Mr. Dang Dinh Hai. Endowed with a beautiful angelic voice and a strong appeal whenever she is on stage, the singer has captivated audiences around the world with her unique lyrics and passionate and charismatic performances.

Mr. Hai also mentioned the famous flamenco guitarist Daniel Casares from Spain. At the festival, Daniel Casares will showcase his latest work, "Picassares," in honor of Pablo Picasso, the son of the city of Malaga, which is also the hometown of Daniel Casares. The stage of the Hue Festival will be filled with the vitality and sunshine of the Mediterranean land through the charming and magical Spanish flamenco melodies.

Hue Festival 2018 will also be a place for artists of many countries to meet and an opportunity for art exchange. At the festival, there will be a combination of artists from three countries of Denmark, Iceland and Vietnam through the music project "Sounds From the Northern Winds."

In Hue Festival 2018, there is a combination of traditional lion dance of Japan with the traditional dragon dance of Vietnam, said Mr. Huynh Tien Dat. The two types of dance have many similarities. Both are vibrant performances which contain the idea of dispelling diseases and praying for bumper harvests and good luck.

Representatives of the two sides, the lion dance teams Tomoyose and Choshitahaku of Yaesu City, Okinawa Prefecture, and the lion, dragon dancers of Thai Nghi Duong, Hue City will perform together. The performance is scheduled to take place in Ngo Mon Square on April 29. This promises to be a unique combination; thereby, tightening diplomatic ties between the two countries.

"Impressed by the hospitality and enthusiastic response of the audience at the Hue Festival 2008, 2010 and most recently in 2014, the stilt walking group ‘De Steltenlopers van Merchtem’ from Belgium will perform a fourth time in Hue Festival. With this participation, the street festival during Hue Festival 2018 will be more exciting."

Story and photos: DUC QUANG