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02/03/2023 - 08:15

Discovering and experiencing tourism services in Nam Dong 

During the two days of February 25 - 26, the Department of Tourism coordinated with the People's Committee of Nam Dong District, the Provincial Tourism Association, the Provincial Travel Association, Da Nang Tourism Association and Travel Association organized a program to survey tourism products in Nam Dong district.

The survey aiming to promote the destination and connect visitors to Nam Dong

This is an activity to communicate and promote existing tourism products in Nam Dong to stimulate tourism demand; assess the current status and quality of products; reshape the potential of eco-tourism and community-based tourism in Nam Dong district; thereby, to propose solutions to improve the quality of tourism products in the coming time.

As a mountainous district, about 50km from Hue city, Nam Dong lies in a valley surrounded by many high mountains, with abundant natural conditions, fresh soil and climate, cultural diversity and charming poetic landscape.

Referring to Nam Dong, it is impossible to ignore the unique cultural features of the Co Tu ethnic group (accounting for 43% of the district's population) from the architecture of the Guol house (Doi hamlet), the tomb house or the traditional costumes, folk musical instruments… to the system of streams, waterfalls, caves, vegetation, primeval forests and the system of large reservoirs such as Ta Trach, Thuong Lo and Thuong Nhat.

Nam Dong is also known as a locality that still preserves many revolutionary relics such as Nam Dong fort, Khe Tre fort, Ka Tu tunnels, etc., which are favorable conditions to develop tourism.

Let's discover and experience the services when coming to Nam Dong:

Community tourism staff in Doi hamlet (Thuong Lo commune) welcome a delegation of travel businesses in Da Nang city surveying the destination

Impressive welcome art performance

People are both service providers and subjects of tourism products

Experiencing knitting 

and traditional weaving

Observing the traditional items produced by Nam Dong people 

Cuisine of Nam Dong highland

Wild nature

Businesses giving suggestions to improve service quality for Nam Dong tourism

Saving memories when coming to community tourist site at Doi hamlet

By Quang Hai