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25/11/2021 - 15:29

Exploring Binh Dien hydroelectric lake 

Binh Dien hydroelectric lake (Binh Tien commune, Huong Tra town, Thua Thien Hue province), which is 25 kilometers southwest of Hue city center, has a wild beauty, like a charming watercolor painting.

The lake covers an area of ​​more than 17 square kilometers, and surrounded by mountains, primeval forest and regenerated trees…

Going upstream deep into the mountains by rustic wooden boats, visitors will encounter floating rafts with cages for raising fish, bobbing on the lake’s surface under the diffuse light of the crystal-clear blue water. On the two sides of the mountain, white clouds fly and blend together creating unique shapes.

Continuing to travel around the lake, visitors will enjoy watching and capturing photos of Khe Lanh waterfall, which is a small waterfall with a height of several tens of meters, looks like a white stretch of soft silk on the side of the cliff. Khe Hung waterfall, which is located not far away, is also a tourist attraction in the journey of traveling around the lake.

Bearing the sweet but pristine beauty, Binh Dien hydroelectric lake is the place that brings inspiration to those who have an artist's soul…

Hue News would like to introduce to readers a series of photos on Binh Dien hydroelectric lake, through the camera angle of Nguyen Khoa Huy, the photographer.

Binh Dien hydroelectric lake as seen from above

The ferry port welcomes visitors

Visitors go upstream deep into the mountains to admire the wild beauty of the mountain and forest

The kind boat driver wholeheartedly serves the visitors

Every morning, ethnic minority locals cross the lake to enter the fields in the mountain and work to earn a living

The fishing village on the lake is also a stopover for visitors to experience with the fishermen cage fish farming

Visitors will feel the coolness of the summer and the warmth of the winter when touching the water surface

Visitors freely take photos of the scenery of mountain and water

Visitor and a locals discussing about sites around the lake

Khe Hung waterfall is an ideal stopover

Khe Lanh waterfall has a height of several tens of meters above the lake surface, and pours white water on the mountain slope all day and night

The beauty of Binh Dien hydroelectric lake has inspired writers and artists to come and compose

By Hue News