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11/01/2019 - 14:57

French musician Guilhem Desq to perform Hurdy-gurdy solo in Hue

Musician Guilhem Desq from France will perform hurdy-gurdy at Lecture hall I, University of Education, Hue University on the evening of January 17.

French musician Guilhem Desq will perform Hurdy-gurdy solo on the evening of January 17 in Hue. Photo: Hanoigrapevine

Hurdy-gurdy is a string instrument that can create sound by a hand crank-turned. When the player turns the crank, it creates friction with the strings, and produces sound. This instrument appeared in Europe and the Middle East around before the 11th century. The groups playing hurdy-gurdy often appear at many traditional music festivals in Europe.

As a virtuoso Hurdy-gurdy player, Guilhem Desq brings new breath and vitality to the thousand-year-old musical instrument. This talented musician constantly explores the infinite possibilities of this medieval instrument, so as to invite the audience of the performance to travel with him through each crank of this unique musical instrument.