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05/11/2022 - 14:21

Gentle Ngu My Thanh in Spring Summer Autumn Winter and Spring Again 

The Spring Summer Autumn Winter and Spring Again Season 2 "Fishing village - Cha cha cha" episodes at Ngu My Thanh (Quang Loi, Quang Dien) have just aired, attracting the attention of young music enthusiasts. In the vast peaceful space of the Tam Giang Lagoon, the program took away many tears from the audience with songs praising the love of family and the homeland...

"Yellow flowers on the green grass" resounding in the river region

Ngu My Thanh is familiar to Hue people, but it is a big challenge when organizing a live music program by the lagoon.

Korean director and producer - Kim Guk Jin, shared with Thua Thien Hue Online that everyone has the need to move, to travel and feel the freedom. The artists participating in this season travel, eat, sleep, and live in music together. Performances that come from the artist's harmony and inspiration will reach the audiences’ hearts. So, the small fishing village along the lagoon becomes a rustic, intimate and romantic stage. Surrounding are the waves ad the picturesque mangroves with boats moored peacefully on the water.

A media representative of Spring Summer Autumn Winter and Spring Again said that Kim Guk Jin had surveyed at least twice and had carefully prepared for singing and filming at Ngu My Thanh fishing village. The peaceful countryside, simple lifestyle, and the enthusiastic spirit of the fishermen contribute to the success and effects of the program.

The number of audience turning up surpassed the expectation of the crew. Audiences in Hue city, neighboring districts, even foreign guests also came. Near 1am, many people still lingered to chat with their favorite artists.

Village head of Ngu My Thanh - Phan Van Ty, the one who appeared on the show, said that he was surprised when he watched the episodes of Spring Summer Autumn Winter and Spring Again season 2. “My village is so beautiful on air! Last year, 6,000 visitors came here to visit the lagoon. After this program, even more people will come here to visit. Regrettably, the artists did not leave a mural of signatures for us to remember the program," he said.

Several songs performed at Ngu My Thanh village are in the top trending searches on Youtube, with clips that have reached the million-view mark. In addition to the emotional moment of expressing family love, many other songs are performed interspersed with simple but beautiful footages of Ngu My Thanh mural village.

Below are images captured by Thua Thien Hue Online from the second season of Spring Summer Autumn Winter and Spring Again in the fishing village on the Tam Giang lagoon:

The audience who came to see the show exceeded the crew’s expectations

Artists immersed in the peaceful and windy space of the lagoon

Tears were shed... times, the song touched the emotions of both the singer and the listeners

The fishermen enjoying their exchanges with singer Ai Phuong

The young audience (middle) had come a long way to attend the program

Foreign guests enjoying "live" Vietnamese music in the countryside

Viewers responded to the artist's performance and lingered until 1a.m.

By L.Tue – F.Studio