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30/11/2022 - 08:03

Hue City: Building infrastructure for a smart city

As a central city with a vast area and a large population, especially after the expansion of its administrative boundaries, Hue City has focused on building e-government and smart city to create favorable conditions for local people as well as to improve the state management capacity of local staff, in addition to investing in completing its infrastructure and embellishing its cityscape.

Cashless transactions being made at the Hue City Public Administration Center

Saving time and effort

Previously, in order to complete the procedures for granting land use right certificates, people in communes and wards in the Hue City had to go to the Center for Public Administration several times to make transactions.

“Traveling so many times used to take time and gasoline, but sometimes I had to return when hearing the staff announce that the procedures have not been completed upon my arrival, which was annoying. Now, after receiving an appointment letter with a code, I can look it up on my computer to track my application information to arrive on time. The procedures are also simple and easy to understand, which is very convenient,” shared Mr. Hoang Dinh Nhan, a resident in Huong Tho ward.

According to the leader of the Hue City People's Committee, the construction of e-government and smart city started in the 2000s by building databases, especially those on land and urban infrastructure which have contributed to bringing many utilities for related departments and local people. In particular, the city has deployed information technology  application solutions in the activities of state agencies, maintaining operation and developing the Portal of Hue City and its wards in order to serve locals and businesses.

At the same time, level 3 and level 4 online public services have been deployed. In addition, the public service information system has been gradually implemented and perfected, integrating public utility services, online payment services and other smart city services; perfecting shared infrastructure and ensuring information security for the development of e-government; implementing one-stop-shop and inter-agency one-stop-shop mechanisms.

Transactions being made at the Center for Public Administration of Hue City

Regarding smart city, the city has been completing essential infrastructure, regularly maintaining the operation of the surveillance camera system at the one-stop departments of 36 communes and wards in the locality.

Up to now, the city has installed a system of urban surveillance cameras at 15 locations with 42 cameras, meeting the needs of license plate lookup and face lookup to serve the security insurance practices at key locations and central roads in the locality.

The city is implementing the installation of 7 surveillance cameras at 4 gateways to the city to serve the supervision, the organization of traffic management, and the insurance of security, safety and social order in the locality.

Regarding cashless payment services, so far Hue City has integrated a cashless payment system for waste collection and transportation services in the area via VNPT Pay; applying cashless payment support solutions for fees and charges through QR Code scanning at e-wallet applications and by POS cards scanning at the Center for Public Administration of Hue City.

Efficiency from digital transformation

With many solutions in digital transformation applications, Hue City has made many changes in the past time, one of which is instructing the People's Committees of communes and wards to enter the list of Community Digital Technology Teams into the software; at the same time, coordinating with the Department of Information and Communications to organize online training on digital skills for the Community Digital Technology Teams (353 teams with 1,544 members).

In addition, there have been surveys on the situation and needs of digital transformation applications in 5 pilot wards adopting the “smart ward” model, including Phu Nhuan, Thuy Bieu, Phu Hoi, Thuan Hoa and Tay Loc. Online enrollment software for grades 1 and 6 in the academic year 2022 - 2023 as well as a draft Smart Classroom Scheme for all grades have been deployed.

One of the city's advantages in developing digital government is being able to coordinate in deploying the provincial dedicated data transmission network; deploying paperless meeting rooms; maintaining online video conferencing system at the city, commune and ward levels; building the information system to handle administrative procedures; owning the Portal of the City; having e-mail and reporting information system.

Among which, the Portal of Hue City has been effectively maintained to provide administrative documents, administrative procedures, and online public services to meet the needs of locals and businesses.

Accordingly, the current Information Technology infrastructure basically meets the requirements of connection and interconnection with the Provincial People's Committee, departments and agencies in the province, ensuring the deployment of shared software of the province and specialized software of the units. Up to now, 100% of professional agencies, non-business units and People's Committees of 36 communes and wards have applied digital signatures in electronic documents.

According to the leader of the Hue City People's Committee, the city has now deployed the Smart City Service (Hue-S) information system for specialized departments and divisions of the City People's Committee and the People's Committees of wards and communes to promptly handle people's complaints about the issues in many fields such as environment, urban areas, telecommunications infrastructure, etc. On average, the city receives and processes about 4,000 feedbacks from local residents each year through Hue-S.

Regarding the development of digital society, fiber optic, the Internet, and wifi systems have been widely deployed throughout the city, contributing to promoting electronic payments, creating favorable conditions for locals and businesses in making cashless payments.

Hue City is also encouraging civil servants and employees to create e-wallet accounts on Hue-S to make cashless transactions upon purchasing and selling items.

Story and photos: Thanh Hương