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01/01/2022 - 07:42

Hue urban infrastructure synchronized

In the face of one year with many difficulties and challenges under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hue City has mobilized resources to implement the program of boundary adjustment in association with renewal and construction of urban infrastructure, creating a driving force behind the socio-economic development.

Space on both banks of the Perfume River continues to be invested by Hue City for infrastructure synchronization

Urban space planning

In 2021, Hue City focuses on perfecting the plans for developing and upgrading the city, developing the Perfume River landscape axis as the main axis of urban development in the direction of the sea. The re-planning of the central urban space in particular is based on ensuring the close and reasonable association between conservation and development, between preservation and promotion of heritage values and development of expanded Hue City areas.

For the detailed planning on both banks of the Perfume River, on March 19, 2021, the Provincial People's Committee issued the decision on approving the detailed planning project on both sides of the Perfume River. Notably, the planning scope includes the area along the Perfume River, from Vong Canh Hill to Bao Vinh ancient town, about 15km in length, with the width of each bank adjacent to the routes along the two riverbanks or about 100m far from the river's edge on each side on average (including Hen and Da Vien islets), creating the highlight for the city to expand and develop space on both riverbanks.

So far the city has finalized the local adjustment of some areas to call for investment and implement the technical infrastructure projects for the zoning plans, such as Thuy Xuan, An Tay, Thuy Bieu, Huong So, An Hoa, South Center; locally adjusted the detailed plan of Ba Trieu Street axis. Simultaneously, it finalized the zoning plan of Phu Hau - Gia Hoi Ward; adjusted the zoning plan for the Hue Imperial City area, with the addition of 4 suburban wards...

In 2022, the city will keep allocating the investment capital for the traffic infrastructure and lighting projects for the newly merged communes and wards

According to Hue City People's Committee leader, along with the planning work of important areas, the city accelerates the progress of investment implementation in key infrastructure works on the urban area renewal. Notably, the city speeds up the progress of the technical infrastructure projects in Bac Huong So Residential Area including zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; upgrades and expands Hanoi Street, the route along the Perfume River (south) from Da Vien Bridge to Huyen Tran Princess Street; renews Da Vien Islet  (west).

The city continues to invest in stages in finalizing the renewal of the park on both banks of the Perfume River such as Thuong Bac, Vuon Mai Park, Kim Long Park with the section from Kim Long Bridge to Thien Mu Pagoda. The focus is on renewing the system of walkways, public space, lighting, park urban facilities such as parking lots, surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi, public toilets...

Progress of projects accelerated

In order to perfect Hue urban infrastructure, alongside the implementation of key programs and projects, the city strengthens the implementation guidance of key investment projects and urban renewal works in the city.

The implementation of key projects in particular is stepped up: the project of relocation, site clearance for area I of Hue Imperial City relic, the project of city water environment improvement, and the projects of park renewal on both banks of the Perfume River and Hue urban renewal approved by the Provincial People's Committee.

For site clearance work, the city strives to finalize the phase 1 resident relocation, site clearance of the resident relocation project, ; site clearance of area 1 of the Hue Imperial City relic system belonging to the Complex of Hue Monuments in the areas of Thượng thành (Upper Citadel), Eo Bầu, Hộ Thành hào (Citadel-Protecting Moat) , Tuyến Phòng lộ (Protection Route), Tinh Tam Lake (Serene Mind Lake), trấn Bình Đài (the subsidiary protection citadel of the Imperial City, popularly called Mang Ca Garrison).

The city also continues to set up the procedures to implement the phase 2 of the project in the areas: Hồ Học Hải, Xã Tắc Esplanade, Khâm Thiên Giám, Xiễn Võ Từ… , with priority given to Xã Tắc Esplanade (of Sacrifice to the Earth Spirits) in 2021 and other areas in 2022.

Besides the key projects that have been implemented, currently the roadways, sidewalks, and drainage at a number of central routes and traffic arteries in the city have not yet been synchronously renewed due to huge funding for the compensation, support and resettlement such as the streets of Ba Trieu, Tran Phu, Bui Thi Xuan...13 units newly merged into the city have limited infrastructure in terms of traffic, drainage, electricity and lighting.

According to Chairman of Hue City People's Committee Vo Le Nhat, in order to perfect the urban infrastructure in the direction of civilization and modernity, in 2022, the city will strengthen the State management of urban area in the direction of civilization. The focus is on managing traffic organization, parking spots on inner city routes, ensuring traffic order and safety; managing urban technical infrastructure, improving the quality of urban lighting, green trees to meet the criteria of a first - grade urban area.

The city will also continue to implement the program of urban renewal, lowering the curb to make a static traffic point, reviewing and organizing appropriately the plan of stopping and parking on odd and even days, and installing road signs at some city center routes.

Further, priority is given to the capital for implementing the investment projects on drainage system, sidewalks, curbing, and lighting for urban center routes; renewing parks, green spots, planting street trees..., improving the quality of urban lighting; continuing to implement the project of naming streets, fixing house number plates, and performing the maintenance of lighting and garbage collection systems for 13 units merged into the city.

Story and photos: Thanh Huong