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06/12/2022 - 15:37

“If it’s not mine, I’ll return it to the passenger”

On the afternoon of December 5, Mr. Giap Hoa, Director of Yellow Taxi Company - Hue branch said that his company had just rewarded Mr. Le Van Cuong, a driver born in 1991, to honor his good deed.

Mr. Giap Hoa - Director of Yello Taxi Company - Hue Branch (left) rewarding Le Van Cuong for his good deed

Before that, at noon of the same day, Mr. Cuong received an order from the switchboard to go to Le Quy Don Street to pick up two French female tourists to visit and shop at Dong Ba market. After getting off the taxi, some small traders saw 2 female tourists with dismayed faces. After being questioned, these two tourists said they had left their bag with a lot of cash and important papers on the yellow taxi.

Receiving information, small traders at Dong Ba market quickly reported the incident to the Market Management Board and the leadership of Yellow Taxi Company - Hue Branch. At the same time, when he was about to open the door to welcome new guests, Mr. Cuong saw a bag in the back seat of his car. Suspecting that this bag was forgotten by the two French female tourists, he drove back to Dong Ba market to find it owners.

At Dong Ba market, in the presence of the Market Management Board and small traders, Mr. Cuong handed over the bag to the two tourists. Receiving the property from the taxi driver, the two French female tourists were touched and thanked Mr. Cuong as well as the small traders at Dong Ba market for their enthusiastic help.

On the occasion of being rewarded and commended by the leaders of Yellow Taxi Company for his good deed, Mr.Le Van Cuong said: “If it's not mine, I’ll return it to the passenger. That's my opinion since I entered this profession more than 3 years ago.”

By Song Van