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23/06/2019 - 16:12

Introducing a series of projects to promote Hue tourism through film

The activities took place on the evening of June 22, at Boi Tran garden house (Hue City). In addition to the two young directors, there were a number of collaborators, fashion designers, actors and partners present to support the aforementioned project chain.

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee - Phan Ngoc Tho gave flowers to congratulate the film crew

After 10 episodes promoting the beauty of Hue named "The muse of Hue" in cooperation with the Korean partner, this time, the two young directors introduced the short film "Flowers bloom at night" with the participation of Ngoc Tran – the muse of Hue.

The film was mostly filmed at An Hien's garden house (Hue City). It tells the story of a painter who loved lotus, lived with lotus and painted pictures of lotus. The film is being processed in the post-production stage in the US and will attend the Cannes (France) film festival in the future.

Next is the film project entitled "The bride of Hue". The crew participating in this project include: Director Buu Loc; actors Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Le Xuan Tien; creative director Ha Do; fashion designer Do Manh Cuong and Le Thanh Hoa ...

At the premiere, the director and members of "The bride of Hue" shared their feelings about Hue, the reasons for participating in the project and the information related to the film.

"The bride of Hue" crew talking with the audience

Chairman Phan Ngoc Tho thanked the film crew for their dedication and love for Hue and encouraged their efforts to overcome the weather and psychological challenges to complete the project, contributing to promote Hue beauty image to international friends.

According to director Bao Nhan, he wants to give viewers a different vitality of Hue besides the ancient and serene beauty that people often see. The film making in Hue is often difficult in terms of weather and the investment cost is quite large. However, as a child of Hue, he and director Nam Cito have invited the best cast and crew to participate in "The bride of Hue”.

Currently the film crew is conducting a survey of some key contexts and will be shooting in August 2019 in Hue. The film is expected to be shown in theaters in Vietnam, Australia and the US...

By Tue Ninh