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01/03/2023 - 07:11

Musician Trinh Cong Son through the lens of photographer Duong Minh Long 

For a very first time, Duong Minh Long, the photographer, will introduce to the viewer 35 photos of Trinh Cong Son through an exhibition “Trinh Cong Son – Meeting you again for the First time” held in Ho Chi Minh city and Hue.

Trinh Cong Son, a morning in a sunny yard – Ho Chi Minh city 1996: Photo: Duong Minh Long

Those 35 photo artworks are selected by Duong Minh Long among over 9.000 color and black-and-white films taken about Trinh Cong Son in over 30 years. With those photos, people with great affection for Trinh Cong Son seems to be reminded of many memories and emotions.

That are the photos taken the moments when Trinh Cong Son chatting about music with Van Cao, musician, the song writer of the National Anthem; singing and playing guitar with the pianist Dang Thai Son; being with the poet Nguyen Duy; with musicians Thanh Tung, Hoang Hiep; with poet Le Dat; Son’s unexpected photos with the lead singer of the famous music band Boney M; with the singer Liz Michell; with the film director Tran Anh Dung; and with Hongkong actor Luong Trieu Vy, etc.

On this occasion, Saigon Books coordinates with the publisher to publish a collection of big-size Postcard named “Missing you - Trinh Cong Son”.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Truc (brother-in-law of Trinh Cong Son) said that this event was held on the 84th birthday anniversary of the musician. The exhibition would take place by the end of February at the book-street in Ho Chi Minh city and expected to be held in Hue in March.

The photographer Duong Minh Long (born in 1962) is well-known as “a king” of documentary photography. Since 1990, he focused on documentary photography and had many years of living and accompanying with Trinh Cong Son. Furthermore, this talented photographer also takes photos of thousands of other characters, together with those of cultural heritages, craft villages, and urban life across 3 regions.

The musician Van Cao and Trinh Cong Son – Ho Chi Minh city 1994. Photo: Duong Minh Long

Trinh Cong Son with his younger sister Trinh Vinh Trinh – Ho Chi Minh city 1995. Photo: Duong Minh Long

Trinh Cong Son by the window of music room at his house – Ho Chi Minh city 1995. Photo: Duong Minh Long

Meeting friends in a morning in front of Alley 74C, Pham Ngoc Thach St., District 3 (from left: Tu Huy (musician), Mr. Le Chi Thanh, Bao Phuc (musician), and Trinh Cong Son) – Ho Chi Minh city 1995. Photo: Duong Minh Long

By N. Minh