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28/08/2021 - 10:10

Passion on collecting stamp

Proceeding with his father’s passion, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuong Thoai (born in 1969 in Hue City) has started collecting postage stamps since he was 10. Up to now, he has collected more than ten thousand of different kinds of stamps and owns many sets of high-value stamps.

Mr. Thoai with his stamp collection

Preservation for posterity

When it comes to stamp-collecting in Hue, many people know about Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuong Thoai, who has many valuable stamp collections. Derived from his passion and the petty stamps previously owned by his father, Mr. Thoai keeps on researching, developing and collecting many valuable stamp sets.

He said: “I started collecting stamps in 1980, when I was just a 10-year-old boy. When I saw my father collecting the small stamps, I was also curious and began to learn about stamps. My father taught me to collect stamps for each small theme, such as animals, birds... Hence, one day I have been falling in love with stamps".

Stamp collecting requires collectors not only to be passionate but also to be actually persistent and meticulous. Reaching a precious stamp collection is a long-time process, not just a little while.

Beginning with petty stamps on many diverse themes, Mr. Thoai continues to find and collect and arrange them into large thematic sets. At present, he has many collections of domestically and worldwide issued stamps on all topics in the fields of culture, art, politics, society, etc.

The stamp collections are introduced by Mr. Thoai through historical and political events

Currently, Mr. Thoai is also instructing his son on collecting stamps so that he can familiarize himself with and formulate the concept of stamps. Although only 9 years old, the son of Mr. Thoai owns himself some small collections of stamps about sports, Dong Ho Paintings, flowers, etc.

Mr. Thoai said: “Every time my son gets good grades or does something good, I will give him a stamp so that he can appreciate the things reaching by himself and then, he can formulate his ideas and passions from a very young age”.

Variety of precious collections

Mr. Thoai sorts his stamps into different thematic series. In each series, he tells and directs people along with a story or historical event, so that viewers can easily visualize and understand the content and meaning of the story behind each stamp.

At present, Mr. Thoai owns 4 main thematic series: Vietnam Seas and Islands, Hue Architecture, 90 years on a trip with the nation, Community of Vietnamese Ethnics, and dozens of small collections of various fields.

“There are many stamp collectors in Hue, but those collecting stamps in terms of theme are very few. Each stamp issued will be associated with an event about politics, history, culture, artistry, etc. Therefore, we need to direct the viewers through the story. This way of collecting not only enhance the value of stamps but also helps viewers understand what we desire to convey through the collection," said Mr. Thoai

Talking about the "Community of Vietnamese Ethnics" stamp collection, Mr. Thoai said that the stamps about the characteristics of Vietnamese ethnic groups such as houses, instruments, costumes, etc., were all sent back from the localities, where these ethnic groups settle. For example, stamps related to the Katu Ethnic Group will be sent from A Luoi District, where the Katu people live.

Most recently, Mr. Thoai has created a stamp collection on "Joining hands to prevent COVID-19" issued in March 2020 by the Ministry of Information and Communications in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Vietnam Post. Mr. Thoai said that it is a meaningful stamp set that contributes to propagandizing and raising the awareness and responsibility of the whole people in the implementation of prevention, control, and determination to fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

On every trip, Mr. Thoai is in the habit of taking photos and collecting stamps about the places he has been to. He also cherished and stored the ancient coins and the envelopes, on which the collected stamps were attached, to increase the value of the stamps.

Stamp collecting is a highly cultural hobby, in which stamp collectors can improve their knowledge about many fields, both domestically and internationally. Stamps are like evidence, certifying a bygone historical era as well as preserving the lasting beauty over time.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Dinh - Chairman of Hue Stamp Club informed that Mr. Thoai is one of 15 familiar stamp collectors of Hue Stamp Club and he owns many precious stamp collections. Mr. Thoai's stamp collections are often exhibited at many provincial and national stamp festivals. Mr. Thoai always desires to introduce his stamps to friends and stamp lovers to spread and multiply the stamp collecting movement in the locality.

Story and photos: Bach Chau