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21/12/2022 - 14:38

Pushing up the development of green building in Hue

On the morning of December 20, the Department of Construction coordinated with the International Finance Corporation (IFC-WB) to hold a forum to promote green building development in Hue. Attending the event was the Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Hoang Hai Minh.

Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Hoang Hai Minh speaking at the forum

Addressing the forum, Deputy Chairman Hoang Hai Minh affirmed that green building currently is the revolution in the field of construction on a global scale, as construction works increasingly show its higher responsibility to natural resources, environment, ecosystem, and the quality of human life through comprehensive effort in the fields of design, construct, equipment production, technology, materials, policy, and finance.

The revised Construction Law in 2020 also once again affirmed the view of encouraging the development of green building. “The green buildings are promising and will become one of the key contents of Vietnam Architecture Development Strategy, as well as the Strategy of “Greening” construction industry, transforming the construction market towards the directions of saving, efficiency, and environmental protection,” emphasized Deputy Chairman Hoang Hai Minh.

At the seminar, the representatives were informed about the policy of the Ministry of Construction and Government on promoting green buildings; introducing the market of Vietnam Green Buildings and the EDGE evaluation criteria system of IFC-WBG; the experience in applying EDGE green buildings to the project of Hue Square Boutique Hotel. The organizing committee also held a seminar with the theme: “Promoting Green Buildings in Hue, Challenges and Opportunities”.

By Le Tho