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10/03/2023 - 08:48

Serving the society, spreading loves

Hue’s Rapid response association 75 (PUN) had many dangerous yet proud days of fighting against the epidemic. Turning into the second year, those people who always carry the spirit of volunteering are still ready to “respond” when the community needs…

The family of Nguyen Thanh An receives a uniform on the day of their reunion with PUN’s members

Working hard for the people

Mr. Le Canh Thanh Luan, a professional in the print advertising, has abundant photos of COVID-19 response activities in his phone. Luan joyfully said that he couldn't delete them because those were meaningful moments when he was serving the community.

“No one ever thought that one day, a person who was attached to inks and papers would support and help such many people. PUN 75 provided me with many necessary life skills, and awakened my volunteer spirit for a ‘burning’ enthusiasm,” said Mr. Luan.

Despite being busy with the daily chores, this middle-aged man still took some time to recall his unforgettable memories when he became a member of PUN 75 and rushed into the “battle” against COVID-19: transferring people through Thua Thien Hue during their hometown return due to the epidemic, taking the Covid patients to healthcare centers, or burying the dead…

His wife stayed at home to take care of their twin children and his parents. The whole family was worried about his voluntary and dangerous work. Then, he went on duty… for several months. He only called home and did not dare to go home due to a fear of “risk” in infecting his family.

“Looking at the newly-born child following his mother, a F0 patient, on their back from Binh Duong, or people passing away because of the virus infection while their family members are staying in different quarantine zones..., I wish I could do more, share the hard work, and ease people’s pains,” said Mr. Luan.

Therefore, not only him but also dozens of other members of PUN 75 were exposed to the sun and rain all day in their tight protective clothing. Many members did not have time for a meal, sleep on the trunk of a car waiting for orders, and transport patients through the nights.

Ms. Tran Thi Hoai, a recent graduate, shared her anti-epidemic memory as a PUN 75 member, with illustrations by photos from her beautiful small cellphone.

"Wow, I can't tell you all about it. Each case is an experience. I have them all with these photos. On the 29th night the 12th lunar month of the previous year, we picked up three elderly patients when their blood oxygen levels were low. One even had a SPO2 index of 43. One passed away as we just arrivedat the Lung Hospital. We hugged each other and cried helplessly,” recalled Hoai.

Now, Hoai has graduated and has a job. No longer an emotional girl, Hoai believes that her journey with PUN 75 to serve the community was difficult and arduous, but it was a memorable youth for the young girl. From the bottom of her heart, Hoai secretly thanks for the time when she accompanied PUN 75 to help the people.

“Following the sisters and brothers from PUN 75, I have learned about teamwork, problem solving, emergency soft skills...,” said Hoai.

Blooming love

N.T. H’s mother, a citizen of Hue City, passed away during a stressful period of the epidemic. Her family had virus-positive patient, while others were in quarantine zones at the same time. She didn’t know how to find supports because everyone was confused and worried at that time. Fortunately, shereceived helps from PUN 75. They came to help the family with a methodical and decent burial.

“Without supports from PUN 75, I didn’t truly know what would happen to my mother's aftermath,” said Ms. H. To appreciate the help and join hands to support the people in need. Her family used the condolence money to raise fund for PUN 75’s fight against the epidemic.

Until now, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang still cannot forget her feeling of anxiety when she was going into labor in the midst of the epidemic.

She recalled: “Hen islet was blocked. I both suffered the pain and tried to hold it back because I didn’t know how to go to hospitals. Fortunately, PUN 75’s members transported me to Hue City Health Center. To this day, I still don’t know who drove me because they all were wearing tight protective gears. I can only thank them from the bottom of my heart.” Her son was named Nguyen Thanh An, as a remembrance of the peace when his mother labored alone in the middle of the epidemic.

Actions and good deeds of PUN 75 instilled in the community a love that is hard to describe in words. On his personal account, Bill Pham, a young man from Tay Loc ward (Hue City), recorded his feelings when standing on the border between life and death. Being infected with Sars-CoV-2 and lying in a coma, he only remembered the phone number of PUN 75 and called them for help.

While his chest seemed to freeze, Bill Pham used all his strength to send one last message to his loved ones. At this moment, the PUN 75 members appeared. He was given oxygen, care, and psychological counseling. Being thankful for that, as soon as he regained consciousness, he wrote thank-you notes and hoped to be accepted into the association for joining hands to help more people.

Many members rushed into danger and shared with the people in difficult times. At the peaking period of the pandemic, 15 cars were mobilized by PUN 75 as a means of transport, consuming approximately 4,000 liters of gasoline in a month. The members served and forgot their meals, sleep, and the danger. However, love still blooms in difficult times. PUN 75 bonded loves for two couples. One couple are a transit driver and a patient in quarantine while the other one are two volunteers.

Amidst the days of working together for the community, 150 members of PUN 75 were not afraid of hardships. Everyone said that all like-minded members could do so many meaningful works.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Anh Khoa, President of PUN 75 Association, said that the most common thing is that everyone had to “wipe their noses” and have test regularly, moved every day, and were constantly exposed to chemicals. If one person was tired, another would replace. Some went to the frontline and the others stay at home for logistics preparation. All had the same vision to share difficulties and support the community when people needed the most.

No worry about the unemployment

PUN 75 received the establishment decision of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee on November 9th, 2021 as a social organization. It is organized and operates according to its Charter approved by the Provincial People's Committee. To date, PUN 75 has more than 150 members. During the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, members have transferred more than 10,000 people to quarantine areas and the Hue Central Hospital, provided screening tests to 36 wards and key outbreaks, provided Oxygen ATMs support at 36 wards and communes, supported at-home funerals for COVID-19 patients, mobilized 125 tons of necessities and sent to the South…

Answering the question about what PUN 75 will do after the epidemic, PUN 75’s President listed: “Supporting people to open e-wallets on Hue-S, supporting farmers in some activities, coordinating with other medical units to provide medical examination and treatment in mountainous areas, helping places in need during natural disasters. PUN 75 does not worry about being unemployed when society still needs it”.

In a meeting with members of PUN 75, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Phan Ngoc Tho said: “During the period of fighting against the pandemic, the image of a dynamic PUN 75 team without any fear of danger always existed in the minds of many people in Hue. The participation of the PUN 75’s volunteer force against the epidemic contributed to the protection of people’s health and the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic. Leaders at all levels and the community highly appreciate the volunteer spirit of PUN 75. I hope you always maintain your faith and spirit during the anti-epidemic days to accompany the people in urgent cases.”

Story and photo: TUE NINH