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26/03/2018 - 08:44

Street Festival at Hue Festival 2018: More Exciting

The festival 2018 will be strikingly different from the Hue Festival 2016: longer in time, larger in scale and better in quality. Subsequent to the opening day, the festival will take place every afternoon until the closing day, not on alternate days as before.

The street festival at Hue Festival always attracts viewers.

Expanding the scale

Mr. Huynh Tien Dat, Deputy Director of the Hue Festival Center, Standing Vice Chairman of the Hue Festival 2018 Organization Board announces that this year's street festival will be one of the highlights, promising to be a festival that involves enthusiastic response from thousands of people and visitors, featuring the public's interaction with the festival.

The festival will be strikingly different from the Hue Festival 2016: longer in time, larger in scale and better in quality. Subsequent to the opening day, the festival will take place every afternoon until the closing day, not on alternate days as before.

The number of festival performances is doubled compared with the previous festival. Therefore, the route of performance is more expanded; it is extended to farther streets, instead of focusing on the two main streets of Le Loi and Tran Hung Dao as before.

The surprising difference, also the highlight the Hue Festival Hue 2018 Organization Board makes to the public is to involve a greater variety of performance participants with a view to diversifying audiences to enjoy the festival.

In the previous years, the theme of the festival was always associated with the heritage and the traditional features of the nations. This year’s theme of the festival is "Colors of Culture." In addition to the traditional delegations, more contemporary art troupes participate in the show, promising more excitement, more styles, and meeting the need of enjoyment, especially among the young.

      This year's street festival is expanded in scale, promising more audiences.

Creating the highlights

According to Mr. Dang Dinh Hai, Art Manager of the Hue Festival Center, this year's street festival does not include fixed stages of performance, but choose the open sites on the route for the delegations to stop and take turns to perform.

Specifically, the first day of the performance will be at the intersection of Le Loi Street and Truong Tien Bridge. On the second day, the highlight will be at the north intersection of Truong Tien bridge and Tran Hung Dao street. On the third day, the troupe  will stop to perform at Ly Thuong Kiet and Dong Da intersection, and the last day right at the crossroads of Ba Trieu, Le Quy Don and Duong Van An.

“What the organizers would like to highlight is that while artists are performing, a certain spectator can impromptu get on stage and perform with the artists, then the interaction will be far better," said Mr. Dang Dinh Hai.

The organizers wish the street festival at Hue  Festival 2018 to be an integrated art program of  music, dance and street art to show the vitality and uniqueness of music, dances and costumes characteristic of many ethnic groups present at Hue Festival 2018.

With regard to the participating art troupes, the organization board reveals that many delegations with good quality will satisfy the public. The "De Steltenlopers van Merchtem" stilt troupe from the Kingdom of Belgium is the first to mention, confirmed Mr  Huynh Tien Dat. 

The delegation is expected to come to Hue with about 40-50 members. The stilts in different sizes showing the performers’ ingenuity will certainly fill the streets with excitement like the times when the delegation attended the Hue Festival before.

The domestic art troupes also promisingly satisfy visitors with their performances. The Vietnam Circus Federation artists bring their unique performances. The audience will be amazed by the artists’ ingenuity or overwhelmingly impressed with the belly dance by dancer Hong Hanh and Bellydance troupe.

Having created a good impression at the Hue Festival 2016, this time the troupe promises more novelty and more special performances in the Hue Festival 2018 vibrant background music. The festival also features the street performance blend of the Lion Dance from Japan and the Dragon-Lion Dance from Vietnam in the exciting background drum.

Here is the expected route of the street festival at Hue Festival 2018 taking place  respectively on the four afternoons between 28 April and 1 May:

+ Provincial Center for Culture and Information – 6-Way Roundabout - Hung Vuong – South  Truong Tien Bridge  Roundabout - Le Loi Street - Festival Service Center - Quoc Hoc Stele.

+Hue City Cultural Center- Tran Hung Dao - Phu Xuan Bookstore - Dong Ba Market - Gia Hoi Bridge  Roundabout - Tran Hung Dao - Hue City Cultural Center.

+Quoc Hoc Stele - Le Loi - Hanoi - Ly Thuong Kiet - Dong Da – Provincial Center for Culture and Information.

+ Provincial Sports Center - Ha Huy Tap - To Huu - Ba Trieu - Le Quy Don - Provincial Center for Culture and Information.

The starting time of the festival is from 16:00 in the afternoons.

By Duc Quang