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30/04/2018 - 09:25

Street parades attract large audiences

On the afternoon of April 28, the street parades, one of the main programs at Hue Festival 2018, officially kicked off.

After the opening ceremony, domestic and international troupes started from An Dinh Palace, paraded through main streets including Nguyen Hue, Ba Trieu, Hung Vuong, Dong Da, etc. This year, with the theme “Colors of Culture,”  there are not only traditional troupes but also contemporary troupes participating in the parades.

On the parade route through main streets of Hue, the troupes stopped at some open large places and took turns to perform. Their performances attracted many locals and tourists to watch and cheer.

Street parades will take place in the afternoons from now to May 2

These are some spectacular photos taken at the street parades:

Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Head of Hue Festival 2018 organization board offers flowers to art troupes

The performance of Thai Nghi Duong Lion Dance Group at Ba Trieu – Hung Vuong – Nguyen Hue crossroads

The performance on Hung Vuong Street of the Lion Dance Group from Japan

Waving to the audience on the street

The artists of Central Cultural Palace of Mongolia improvising on the street...

...before the three-minute performance at Hung Vuong 6-way intersection

Viet Bac Folk Music and Dance troupe offers a distinctive ethnic performance

The locals and tourists are excited about the street parades

The Urupin Folk Ensemble, Slovakia

The Folk Dance Ensemble “Neptun”, Poland

The Phaka Lumduan Ensemble with their own characteristic

The belly dance performance of a member of Belly dance group

The “De Steltenlopers van Merchtem” stilt walkers from Belgium attract the audience’s attention

Interacting with the audience while being high on the stilts

By Reporters –Collaborators Group