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10/11/2022 - 08:52

Temple of Literature to be renovated 

Many items in the Temple of Literature relic (also known as Van Thanh) - one of the typical works in the Complex of Hue Monuments will be restored and embellished after a long period of deterioration.

Temple of Literature, seen from above

This renovation project has just been approved by the Provincial People's Council at the 7th Symposium, term VIII, and has gained support and encouragement from the cultural and historical researchers.

The Temple of Literature is located less than 1km from Thien Mu Pagoda, facing the Perfume River in Huong Ho Ward (Hue City). It has long become a destination for domestic and international tourists. The Temple of Literature, together with the system of Nguyen Dynasty's royal relics, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.

According to the Provincial People's Committee, the Temple of Literature is one of the typical works in the Hue Citadel architectural complex, a place to worship the saints, Confucian sages and talented people of the country. For various reasons, the building is in a state of heavy damage. The wooden buildings, including the main hall, only have the foundation left.

As a land with a tradition of studiousness, it is very necessary to invest in the restoration of the Temple of Literature, in order to commemorate the famous people who contributed to the construction of the country under the Nguyen Dynasty, and at the same time to honor, to promote the studious spirit of the Vietnamese people in general and the people of Thua Thien Hue in particular.

There will be many items in the work to be repaired, embellished and restored such as the main hall, temple courtyard, Dai Thanh Gate, Kim Thanh Gate, Ngoc Chan Gate, Temple of Literature’s Gate, etc. Depending on the item, there will be parts that will be repaired and restored from the wood, foundation; doing stone paving, tile roofing; installing interior system, fire protection, etc., with a total cost of nearly 66 billion VND..

Pictures of the Temple of Literature before the renovation:

The main hall of Van Mieu with an area of more than 800m2 will be fully restored, in addition to restoring the brick foundation wall system and steps, adjusting the existing stone system, and tiling the floor surface

Doctoral stele of the Nguyen Dynasty inside the Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature, facing the Perfume River, is now in Huong Ho Ward, Hue City

This relic has long become a destination for tourists from near and far

The temple yard,  and many related items, will be repaired, restored and embellished with an area of 950m2

Works such as Dai Thanh Gate, Kim Thanh Gate, Ngoc Chan Gate, Temple of Literature’s Gate... will also be repaired, cleaned; the door system being restored, painted, as well as plastered with porcelain tiles, decorative patterns...

A marina in front of the monument will also be restored in the shape of a semicircle with brick floors and Bat Trang brick walkways

After successfully restoring the monument, the work will contribute to enriching the architectural heritage of Hue Ancient Capital in general and the cluster of relics from Kim Long area - Thien Mu pagoda to Temple of Literature in particular

By N.Minh