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23/12/2022 - 10:17

The resplendent Cathedral 

In Hue, the Christmas season usually occurs on the coldest days of the year. While the cold is always accompanied by rain, the cold and wet of the rainy season in Hue just become more shimmering and fanciful, as the Christmas lights in the churches are brightly lit up in every corner of the city.

Hue News would like to introduce the photo reportage of brightly decorated cathedrals in the Christmas season 2022, which are as beautiful as castles in fairy tales...

The Redemptorist Cathedral on the Christmas Eve

A fairytale space where the locals and visitors can pose for photos on Christmas Eve

A small church with shimmering lights reflecting on a small river

The Phu Cam Cathedral

Festive lights lit up for the Christmas season

A panoramic view of Phu Cam Cathedral as seen from above

The Redemptorist Cathedral as seen from above

The Cathedrals are brightly lit to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus

Many miniatures are arranged at the Redemptorist Cathedral

Christmas images are set up around the Cathedral

The cave and manger, where the Holy Child Jesus was born

An image of the Holy Child Jesus

The shimmering lights make visitors feel like they are lost in a fairy tale as walking in the campus of the Redemptorist Cathedral

By Hue News