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02/05/2022 - 14:13

The romantic trailer for "Em Va Trinh" released

The trailer for the movie about music legend Trinh Cong Son has just been released and the movie is scheduled to come to the big screen this summer.

Pictures from the movie trailer "Em Va Trinh". Photo: Provided by the film crew

The official trailer of "Em Va Trinh" is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, revealing the results after 5 years of meticulous preparation and dedication of the director Phan Gia Nhat Linh and more than 100 actors in the film crew and thousands of extras.

The trailer opens with "ethereal muse" Thanh Thuy and the tune "Uot mi", the song that inspired more than 600 acclaimed works of the talented musician. The story starts with the younger days of a dreamer student, with two muses Bich Diem and Dao Anh, each with their own looks, marking the musician's life in different ways...

Although it was only a 2-minute teaser, the trailer promises that the movie "Em Va Trinh" will be a great party of beauty, love, and music. The cinematography of “Em Va Trinh” is not a postcard-style flamboyant. Rather, it has the movement of light and depth in each frame, both fresh and youthful, classically luxurious, and above all full of emotions.

A highlight in the trailer is the extremely eye-catching and peculiar vintage-style costumes of the actors. The setting of the 1960s stretching into the 1970s brings romantic costumes, typical for a cultural period in which romance crept into every young person, especially those with a romantic artist soul like Trinh Cong Son.

"Em Va Trinh" recreates a fiery youthful summer of Trinh Cong Son. That summer there were muses, music, young love, adventurous trips all over the country, and bombs, smoke, and ideals.

This summer, the story of the life and love of the music legend Trinh Cong Son will be released to the public on June 17.

By Minh Hien