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14/11/2018 - 07:59

The strange Ru Cha in the season of falling leaves 

In the last days of Autumn and early Winter, when the sky is in the season transition, it is easy to bump into a strangely attractive beauty when coming to Ru Cha.

Standing amid Ru Cha, people find themselves very tiny in front of the nature

The scene here, at this moment seems to be wild, and mysterious that may not be found in anywhere else.

Although being about 15km away from Hue city, the scene here is like a virtual space of a fairy land.

For those who set feet on here in early Autumn would be surprised by the “European Autumn” romantic scene, now they will immerse into this seemingly unreal space.

Under the early sunlight or in the sunset, twisting on the empty branches, the whole immense Cha forest radiates a gray-white color and makes the scarce sunshine dropping down onto the water surface becomes incredibly golden.

That scene makes us suddenly found ourselves very tiny in front of nature...

Let contemplate the extremely impressive Ru Cha album with Thua Thien Hue online:

Among the immense gray-white space of Ru Cha forest, which is full of empty branches, the green spots are like the hope for a propitious life

The contrastive colors create a charming beauty

The central area of Ru Cha

In this season, Ru Cha attracts many youngsters to come to take photos

Ru Cha’s features mix with the nature and people living in here

The rows of bare Cha trees wake up to welcome a new day

Covering Ru Cha are the corrals, ponds of the local workers

Earning in the season of falling leaves

… and many tourists come here to be immersed into the dreamy beauty of Ru Cha in this season

Under the sunset, the scene changes in every hour and becomes dreamier after every minute, every second

By Bao Tran