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10/07/2019 - 16:46

Training the work of cultivation and care of bonsai trees for farmers

On the afternoon of July 9, The Provincial Center for Vocational Training and Farmer Support under the Provincial Farmer Association started a first-class vocational course on the techniques of planting, shaping and caring bonsai trees for 24 farmers in Hue.

Hue farmers practicing bonsai trees caring

The training course takes place in three months, including 90 theory classes and 260 practice classes. The learners will be provided with basic knowledge such as the techniques of planting and caring some of the common kinds of flowers (daisies, orchids, and lilies); the techniques of planting apricot blossoms, Stream Barringtonia, figs; and planting, caring and artistically shaping bonsai trees.

Ending the opening ceremony, the trainees were imparted the basic knowledge of the techniques of planting, caring and shaping bonsai trees.

After finishing the course, the trainees will be granted vocational certificates according to regulations.

Story, photo: Hoang The