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Aptech India Corporation

Supporting HueCIT in training and developing information technology human resources in Hue

TTH.VN - That was the affirmation of representative of Aptech India Corporation at the recent visit and working session with the Provincial Information Technology Center - HueCIT.

Exchanging between representatives of Aptech India and HueCIT at the meeting

Attending the meeting, there were Mr. Kallol Mukherjee, Vice President in charge of international partners on behalf of Aptech India Corporation; Ms. Le Huu Tram Anh, Business Development Manager, Aptech representatives in Vietnam, along with representatives of HueCIT leaders and experts of the Center.

The working visit of Aptech India Corporation at HueCIT aims to exchange ideas and suggestions of the Center on improving and completing some training program contents, to better suit the needs of learning and training in the province, as well as to contribute to increasing the applicability and job connection for post-graduate students.

At the meeting, the representative of India Aptech Corporation said that they would support and create favorable conditions for the Center in the process of recruiting, training and developing Aptech Programmer, Arena Multimedia Art in Hue, especially in communication. In addition, Aptech Corporation will send international experts on training to Hue..., contributing to improving the quality of training with the orientation of developing 10,000 high-quality IT personnels of Thua Thien Hue province to 2025.

Mr. Kallol Mukherjee said that, along with the quality training content transferred from India Aptech, HueCIT's enthusiasm and especially the IT development orientation of Thua Thien Hue province, in which the goal was to develop 10,000 IT employees to 2025, were an opportunity for Hue to make a breakthrough in training activities in the IT sector.

After the meeting, the representative of Aptech India Corporation spent time visiting the training room and the location of the project for HueCIT Building, which will be built in An Van Duong New Urban Area with an area of ​​1.1 ha.

“The large-scale HueCIT Building project with full potential and quality of the Center will soon be started, creating momentum for IT development in the province and Aptech will always accompany and create all favorable conditions for Aptech and Arena Hue to develop further in the coming time,”,said Vice President in charge of international partnerships of Aptech India Corporation.

HueCIT has been transferred the copyright of Aptech International Programmer Training Course by Aptech India Corporation since 2001; so far, it has had more than 21 years of training and development. Most of the graduate students of the Aptech International Programmer courses at HueCIT have good expertise and have right jobs.

With the knowledge and expertise of international standards of Aptech International Programmer Training Course, HueCIT continues to acquire the copyright of Arena Multimedia Fine Arts training program from Aptech India, opening up opportunities for pupils and students in the province to access and study with international standard programs and get more opportunities to choose career orientation for the future.

By Lien Minh

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