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The captivating beauty of Quang Loi lagoon at dawn 

TTH.VN - Quang Loi lagoon, which is located about 30km North of Hue City, in Quang Loi Commune, Quang Dien District, is one of the lagoons in Tam Giang lagoon system, with an area of ​​nearly 800 hectares.

The fishermen here are mostly sampan people, who live afloat on the water and consider boats as their home. Their livelihood is catching shrimp and fish around the area of Quang Loi lagoon.

If you come here at dawn, you will have a chance to enjoy the brilliant beauty of Quang Loi lagoon. The immensity of the lagoon with vibrant colors, just like inlaid with gold, stretches out in front of visitors. The peaceful life of the fishermen here also brings to visitors a sense of peace and serenity.

We would like to invite readers to enjoy the captivating beauty of Quang Loi lagoon at dawn via a series of photos, taken by Nguyen Chinh Nghia, a photographer.

Quang Loi lagoon, an interesting destination within Tam Giang lagoon

Dawn on Quang Loi lagoon


The locals make a living on the lagoon

Bustling life on Quang Loi lagoon at dawn

There is nothing more wonderful than enjoying the sunrise at this place

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