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The silent life on the perilous mountain railway 

TTH.VN - The North-South railway going through Hai Van pass, which is under the area of Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang city, is considered one of the railway not only perilous but also poetic and interesting one for those who had the chances to drop in here.

A both poetic and hazardous moment when a train preparing to run into a tunnel in Hai Van Pass

“Be careful. Immediately nestle into a side wall right after hearing the train’s horn. Remember to walk slowly, take a careful observation, especially in the tunnel”, a person in charge of the railway tunnel No.9 right at the foot of Hai Van Pass passing the area of Lang Co (Phu Loc district) recommended us before our journey to discover the perilous but interesting railway”.

One side looks up to the immense mountains, while the other side looks down to the turquoise color of seawater together with the sounds of the rapid-fire waves crashing and the whistling wind. This journey enthralled us and made us curious. Sometimes, we came across some railway workers silently doing their job alone.

“We get used to it. Only those who do this job can understand this feeling,” said the worker who does the checking screws of the railway right at Hai Van North railway station. Hai Van North railway station is also in the area of Phu Loc district, it “nestles” by the desolate mountainside. The only voice could be heard here is the voice and laughter of the men.

The representative of Hai Van North railway station said that the railway going through Hai Van Pass is the leading perilous route on the trans-Vietnam railroad, which is 20km long, with 6 tunnels (the total length is 2.35km), 140 important sections with retaining walls, 140 culverts, and 38 bridges, etc. In addition to those who are on their duty, sometimes a few tourists “straying” here to discover this beautiful railway.

Some pictures of the railway passing Hai Van Pass taken by Thua Thien Hue Online:

Dozens of passenger and freight trains going through this route everyday

Although this railway section is considered perilous, the scenes of the route going through Hai Van Pass is ravishingly beautiful

A railway worker doing his work in a tunnel

A train driver looking out of a doorway as it is rare to bump into somebody walking that far into this railway

A worker on duty at manning train schedules are busy in getting information about the trains through the phone. “It is really boring to work here. It’s really hard to identify with this job without passion”, said this railway worker

No matter how dangerous, the railway workers still have to try their best to ensure the technical safety for the railway

A tombstone is located along the railway running through Hai Van Pass. According to the train watchmen on this route, the tombstone is to commemorate those who passed away when going through here

Walking is the only means of moving around on this railway section

A break time of the railway workers working at Hai Van North railway station, which is located at the foot of Hai Van Pass

Sometimes, a few tourists come here to discover this railway section on Hai Van Pass

By Phan Thanh

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