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Unique Autumn offering ceremony in Chuon village 

TTH.VN - Annually, in the middle of the seventh month of lunar calendar, the descendants working from far away gather in the communal house of An Truyen (Chuon Village), Phu An Commune (Phu Vang District) for the Autumn offering ceremony.

This is also an occasion for the villagers to show their gratitude to their ancestors as well as pray for a bountiful harvest, prosperous business for the descendants, and prosperity, etc.

In comparison to some other localities, the Autumn offering ceremony in Chuon Village is more special and prominent. Specifically, in the procession of the three Thanh Hoang (Tutelary god), worshiped in the shrine located in the middle of the field (also known as Dong Mieu), is celebrated very beautifully and solemnly. This procession includes flags and palanquins. Every year, the villagers change the mascots, or well-woven and decorated objects of worship. The talented artisans, who are chosen to carry out the decoration for the procession, always consider this job their honor and sacred duty so as to contribute to the success of the whole ceremony.

Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to show you some images, which have been recently taken at the Autumn offering ceremony in Chuon Village by Nguyen Phong, a photographer:

The procession of the Tutelary gods’ inscription tablets to the Ancestral Communal House was held from dawn

Every year, the village elders conduct the rituals solemnly

The communal house of An Truyen is the venue of the main ceremony

The procession has received the attention of the villagers as well as visitors from everywhere

By Thua Thien Hue Weekly

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