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Young people with a wide range of “chilling at home” activities

TTH.VN - Young people have many ways to relieve stress after hard studying and working time, in which, "chilling at home" is chosen by many of them.

Chilling activities such as reading books and listening to music are pretty effective

Bringing the whole world home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have seemed to get used to staying at home to avoid the infection of COVID-19. In the post COVID-19 period, the routine of resting and relaxing at home has been "upgraded" by young people, they turn their houses into a place where "everything is available", and find joy for themselves.

Back then, people had often gone to the cinema to watch movies, headed off to the spa to enjoy beauty treatments, and gone to the gym to exercise. At present, young people are bringing the whole world into their home.

Nguyen Hieu Linh, 25 years old, from Hue City, said: “As my daily job requires me to go out and meet partners and customers, then, evening is usually the time for myself. I usually light scented candles, read books, and enjoy flowers, etc. Sometimes, I also soak in the bath with dried rose petals, listen to lofi music before going to bed so that I can fall asleep easier.”

Chilling with the passion for painting

Thanks to a modern and developed society, we get a lot of support to "bring the whole world home". Just by searching things on e-commerce platforms, we can buy dozens of accessories helping us turn our home into the place where we want it to be.

For example, we can buy a mini projector to turn our home into a miniature cinema, gym equipment to easily exercise at home, or even lovely accessories such as: scented candles, decorative paintings, and beauty care tools, etc.

After surfing Facebook and Instagram, young people have simultaneously called each other to turn their rooms into studios, cinemas, or spa at home.

Nguyen Thanh Truc, from Hue City, shared that she really liked painting and decorating at home. Therefore, the activities of drawing pretty paintings, designing beautiful corners at home, specifically in the living room, bedroom, balcony, and even the rooftop to pose for photos and videos by herself, make her happier and love her life more. “On top of that, coming home and being immersed in the space designed by myself is the best," added Nguyen Thanh Truc.

“Chilling at home” from idyllic things

Whether it is in the pandemic period or any time else, home is still a place to come back and is also the best place for us to be able to do our favorite things comfortably. For some people, joy is discovering new lands; while others believe that it is simply coming back to a familiar place, doing simple things, maybe cooking a delicious meal, or chatting with loved ones in a small room. Just being at home, even the most idyllic things can become something to chill with.

According to Hoang Thi Anh Tam, 24 years old, from Hue City, she often invites her friends home to prepare meals together every weekend, they sometimes sing to each other, or share all kinds of stories.

Tam said: “I have a group of close friends, every weekend, the whole group gather at a friend's house to have fun. Even though we are just the same old people, who go to familiar places, I still feel the warmth and joy, helping me relieve stress after a working week and regain energy for a new week.”

For Nguyen Thuy Trang, 22 years old, a student from University of Foreign Languages, Hue University, in her free days, she often drives more than ten kilometers from the city center to her hometown, just to make a warm meal for her family. Trang, who has a passion for food, said that the happiest thing was to make many delicious dishes and cook for the people she loves the most.

Though many people have told me that youth is to go out, gather with friends, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and listen to the busy traffic, as well as the bustle of the streets; for me, it is not necessary to go out, just "chilling" in our own ways, our youth will never be wasted.

Story: BACH CHAU. Photos: Provided by the characters in the story

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