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04/04/2022 - 20:46

Art creation activity on the theme of "Hue University – The Common Home"

This activity was co-organized by the Executive Committee of the Student Union and the Youth Union of the College of Arts, Hue University on the morning of April 3. The activity has attracted the participation of many youth union members and students from various majors in the faculties of Visual arts, Arts Pedagogy, and Applied Arts.

Students participating in the art creation activity

Within the art creation activity, the youth union members and students have created art works with the contents related to Hue University, including: architecture, landscape of Hue University, and memories of Hue University, etc. Each student or group of students should set up their own ideas or the group’s ideas in creating their works. And, these art works can be edited after the activity is closed.

All of the works in this art creation activity will be preserved by the organizing committee, and used for the purposes of communication, exhibitions and activities related to the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Hue University and the College of Arts, Hue University, as well as other purposes of the College’s Student Union.

This activity aims to introduce and promote the image of Hue University, as well as the College of Arts, Hue University; promote students' creativity associated with professional activities, contributing to the process of aesthetic education for students; and promote the movement of art creation among youth union members and students.

By Huu Phuc