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10/06/2022 - 15:25

Bidens pilosa flowers, lotus flowers and small butterflies 

Blooming meekly and humbly on the grassy banks of the roads and the fields, the Bidens pilosa flowers with thin white petals carry an immense charm.

In the golden sunshine of summer, these flowers bloom so beautifully that passersby can't help but stop to admire the gentle and very cute beauty of them.

Even small butterflies can't resist the lure of the beauty of the Bidens pilosa flowers. They just stop by and gently perch on the petals to suck the sweet nectar, the quintessential nectar from the earth and sky deposited on the flowers.

These beautiful moments were recorded by a collaborator of Hue News. We would like to introduce to readers a photo reportage on the Bidens pilosa flowers, lotus flowers, and small butterflies, captured by Nguyen Chinh Nghia, the photographer.

A lotus flower and Bidens pilosa flowers

Bidens pilosa flowers and the little butterfly

The butterflies are also enchanted by the beauty of Bidens pilosa flowers

By Hue News