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12/06/2022 - 09:16

Bringing Hue heritage into the nucleus of development

On the morning of June 10, Hue Monuments Conservation Center celebrated its 40th anniversary of establishment (1982 - 2022). Attending the ceremony were Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong; representatives of Central departments, Provincial Party Standing Committee, as well as international organizations and partners.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong presenting flowers to congratulate Hue Monuments Conservation Center

40 years ago, on June 10, 1982, Hue Historical and Cultural Relics Management Company was born with the responsibility of managing, preserving and promoting the values ​​of the Complex of Hue Monuments and related intangible cultural relics.

With the direction of the Provincial People's Committee and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, together with the support of the international community, the conservation of relics has gradually achieved remarkable results. From 1996 to present, 170 work items which have been preserved and restored with more than 2,000 billion VND, are highly appreciated by domestic and international scientists, bringing positive socio-economic effects.

Commendation of collectives and individuals who have made many contributions to the cause of preserving and promoting Hue heritages

Passing the stage of emergency rescue, Hue relics moved to the stage of stable and sustainable development, becoming the face of a historic ancient capital that has gradually revived. The infrastructure system and environmental landscape in the heritage areas have been restored and embellished, pushing back the deserted space. After 40 years of construction and development, up to now, Hue Monuments Conservation Center has become a strong comprehensive unit, the leading heritage conservation unit of Vietnam...

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman Nguyen Van Phuong highly appreciated the core role of the Hue Monuments Conservation Center in the heritage revival.

The Chairman expressed his wish that the unit would continue to create and advise the province on many solutions to promote the value of Hue heritages and further contribute to the development of the province. In particular, the unit should continue to complete the planning of preservation, repair and restoration of the Complex of Hue Monuments; promote connections, expand international exchanges and cooperation, seek opportunities to promote Hue cultural heritage values. At the same time, the resources will be maximum mobilized to jointly develop Hue cultural heritage into a sustainable development brand name, a destination that is always new and attractive to tourists.

By Minh Hien