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08/06/2022 - 11:33

Hoang Rob to perform in Hue Festival 2022

Artist Hoang Rob confirmed that he would perform in Hue Festival 2022 with his participation in the night concert named “The Eastern Sun”.

Artist Hoang Rob has performed at many seasons of Hue Festivals. Photo provided by the organization committee of Hue Festival 2022

Hoang Rob is known as one of the young violinists in Vietnam pioneering in combining violin with modern music trends. Hoang Rob has built his music career with the image of a contemporary artist with a diverse, youthful and energetic performance style; and he has made his mark with big music projects being in collaboration with famous Vietnamese artists.

Attending Hue Festival 2022, Hoang Rob will carry out the night concert named “The Eastern Sun”. Together with this artist is also the participation of the guest artists including the singers Ha Le and Gigi Huong Giang, the male rapper Osad, Erhu artist Tran Van Xam, GEN9 music band, Hung Dong music band.

The night concert promises to be the interference between contemporary music and traditional spirit. The audience will get the chance to enjoy modern performances bearing the imprint of Hoang Rob and guest artists. Furthermore, being taken to the stage by the poetic Huong River will be the familiar traditional songs but performed in a new spirit by the artists such as Beo dat may troi, Trong Com, Inh la oi.