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01/10/2022 - 09:49

Launching ceremony of a block calendar for the year 2023 with the theme "National Treasures"

Truth National Political Publishing House has just organized a launching ceremony of a block calendar for the year 2023, featuring the theme "National Treasures". All 238 nationally ranked treasures will appear on the calendar sheets.

The calendar contains rich documents about the historical events and figures across different dynasties and the nation’s economic breakthroughs, to delve into the Vietnamese’ spiritual, cultural, and daily life throughout the course of history since the Hung Kings founded the country.

Each calendar sheet resembles a sophisticated painting with images, patterns and textures hand-drawn by artists based on the idea of the national treasure featured on the sheet.

Through all the 365 calendar sheets, viewers will get an overall picture of the country's history, politics, economy, culture and society over thousands of years of building and defending the country, marked by the milestones of 238 national treasures.

According to the historian Duong Trung Quoc, this elaborate block calendar brings together concise and vivid information and images about more than 200 national treasures now kept by many localities. In fact, this can be considered as an "encyclopedia" of national treasures.

By Hue News