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04/04/2022 - 08:50

Season of Firmiana simplex flower 

By the end of March and early April, firmiana simplex begin to bloom. Walking in the middle of the streets inside the Imperial City, you will encounter a dreamy pink color of firmiana simplex flower - a unique one of Hue.

According to historical records, the firmiana simplex trees originated from Guangdong (China); as Emperor Minh Mang was so fond of their flowers that he brought them home and planted them beside Can Chanh Palace. After that, Emperor Minh Mang had asked soldiers to find the trees in the mountains and brought them back to plant in some other corners of the palace. This firmiana simplex flower was also carved on the Nine Dynastic Urns in the Imperial Citadel. That shows how this “regal” flower has a special position towards Emperor Minh Mang. As being special, valuable and rare, firmiana simplex is also researched to propagate and preserve by Hue Monuments Conservation Center.

If you come to Hue in this season, don't miss the ravishing pink carpets of firmiana simplex flowers in the Imperial City, at Tu Tuong park, Quang Duc gate, Nghinh Luong Dinh yard… And, if you still haven't fully imagined the beauty of the firmiana simplex of Hue, please take a look at the photo series of Hoang Phuoc and Nguyen Phong...

The pink color by the Perfume River

The pink color by the Perfume River

Firmiana simplex at Quang Duc gate

Firmiana simplex at Quang Duc gate

and in the Imperial City

and in the Imperial City

By Thua Thien Hue Weekly