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12/10/2022 - 18:19

The project of turning Hai Ba Trung Street into a pedestrian street commenced construction

After nearly two months of approving the project of embellishing Hai Ba Trung Street, the People's Committee of Hue City and the construction units have commenced the construction of the project, aiming to put Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street into operation on the occasion of the New Year 2023.

A perspective of Hai Ba Trung Street after completion

With a total investment of 97 billion VND from the investment capital within the budgets of the province and city, the project has a total length of about 850 meters, with three sections, in which, section A (from Phan Dinh Phung Street to Nguyen Hue Street) will cover categories such as: paving the sidewalks with flat stone, asphalting the road surface, improving the technical infrastructure system; renewing the lighting system for the street and sidewalks with LED lights, arranging lights and decorative lights during festivals; investing in the CCTV system; as well as arranging craters for trees and car parks according to the design plans, etc.

Section B, which is from Nguyen Hue Street to Ngo Quyen Street, is focused on paving flat stones for the entire sidewalk and road surface, improving the technical infrastructure system; investing in the CCTV system; setting up craters for trees and lines of trees, etc. In addition, public utilities will be arranged in this section, which are information boards at both ends of the street, service information counters, mobile WCs, mobile service vehicles, roof-covered benches, and pavilions combined with decorative lights, etc. At the same time, the park opposite the Parkview Hotel will be embellished, including paving flat stones for the entire park, as well as arranging a water fountain system, lighting system, and decorative lighting system according to the design plans.

The categories in the section C, which is from Ngo Quyen Street to Hanoi Street, include paving flat stones for the sidewalk, asphalting the road surface, improving technical infrastructure system, investing in the CCTV system, and the traffic sign system under the approved standards, etc. The construction has been implemented since September 2022.

Along with the embellishment project, the Provincial People's Committee has agreed on the proposed design of Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street, with the goal of forming a pedestrian street in combination with available commercial areas, namely the Cinestar cinema complex, service buildings located at the beginning of Hai Ba Trung Street, and Kim Dong Park, etc., along with the exploitation of commercial services of the locals so as to establish a bustling hub at night, adding more nightlife entertainment services for the locals as well as visitors.

By Thanh Huong