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18/10/2022 - 08:13

Tourists resume their visits to Hue heritage sites after the flood 

On October 16th, after flood water receded, many tourists were able to to resume their visits to the Citadel and many other heritage sites.

Tourists visiting Hue Citadel on the afternoon of October 16th

Previously on October 15th, many streets were flooded due to flood water. Some sites in the Citadel suffered from flooding, so visitors could not visit these places. Many tourist spots across the province were also flooded, and services were temporarily suspended, so tourists had to stay at accommodation facilities.

According to the Department of Tourism, on the night of October 15th, about 900 tourists came to Hue and were trapped in the province due to high flood water.

On October 16th, although it was not possible to visit all the attractive destinations of Hue Ancient Capital, being able to “check-in” and take photos at the Citadel made the visitors coming to Hue in the flood reason satisfied to some extents.

According to Hue Monuments Conservation Center, there were 1,919 visitors going to the heritage sites on October 16th.

Hue Monuments Conservation Center has sent more security forces to guide and instruct tourists around to ensure their safety, and the tourism industry also coordinates with relevant agencies to handle arising situations. This helps tourists feel safer when visiting, as well as showing friendliness and hospitality at the same time.

Some images of tourists visiting the Imperial Citadel on the afternoon of October 16th

After a day of hiatus due to floods, tourists resuming their sightseeing

“Visitors checking-in" the Imperial Citadel, the most famous destination of Hue

The sunshine on the afternoon of October 16th making the ao dai more graceful in the background of Hue heritage

Traveling to Hue during the flood season, tourists still having time to visit the Imperial Citadel before leaving

A nice photo capturing the whole Ngu Phung Pavilion as the background

A group of Thai tourists checking-in the ancient capital's heritage

For many international tourists coming to Hue only once in a lifetime, being able to visit the Citadel, the symbol of tourism in the ancient capital, making them feel somewhat satisfied

The area of ​​Trung Dao Bridge being still lightly flooded on the afternoon of October 16th

Making efforts to allow tourists to visit in a timely and safe manner, Hue tourism industry being determined to build a friendly and hospitable destination.

Story & photos: Duc Quang – Dinh Hoang